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Customer Sales Analyst

Город: Москва
Дата: 2173 дня назад (2013-07-04 06:37:59)
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КомпанияPhilips Electronics
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  • Пол: Возраст от: Возраст до: Образование: Иностранный язык: Текст вакансии: Main purpose of the function
  • Customer Sales Analysis process organization for Bonuses and Rebates purposes Job responsibilities
  • Keeping and updating the database (SAP) with bonuses and discounts to assume the correct posting by period, including accruals (for Consumer Lifestyle Business Unit - CL)
  • Payment Proposal checking and Confirmation (for CL)
  • Correspondent documents preparation wrt bonuses and discounts (Annexes to Contracts) and signing with customers (for CL)
  • Reconciliation with customers (Discounts and Bonuses part) (for CL)
  • Periodically and ad hoc reporting wrt bonuses and discounts
  • Strong Business supporting to provide the high service levelMAR
  • Support of projects for Business from FinOps side
  • monthly and Year IFRS and Statutory closure participation
  • Contacting the IT services at all levels to Manage the Improvement project regarding different tools (SAP, SharePoint etc)
  • ICS/SOX controls executor
  • Internal and external Audit, TAX audit participation from credit control side
  • BSAR according to Matrix
  • Job requirements: 1. The level of English is not lower than upper intermediate 2. Relevant experience with bonuses, discounts, payment proposals
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